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MIG-MAG Welders Holland +English +DL ~ €15 Brutto/hour > click here

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  • Location: Harderwijk, Netherlands
  • Job Title: MIG-MAG Welders Holland +English +DL ~ €15 Brutto/hour > click here
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Rate: 15 € / Hour
  • Contact: HR +447765331265
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Welcome to our small country and company. We are very glad and pleased that you are joining in our company as an temporary worker. We are a small company at this moment with European welders,...

MIG-MAG Welders Holland +English +DL ~ €15 Brutto/hour - apply and we contact you


- experience in metal constructions
- dutch or english language
- driving license is preferable
- VCA, BSN and car is preferable
- start work - ASAP

Details :
- NL contract for long term
- salary €15 bruto per hour
- deductions: €50 per week for accommodation and €24 for medical insurance
- You receive a competitive salary in accordance with the market.
- We offer you excellent housing
- Personal protective equipment.
- If necessary, we provide you with a temporary car.
- We provide you the help to get the best health insurance.
- In case of proven suitability, a permanent contract is an option
- If you like we can educate you in the Dutch language, safety and vocational training

Before arriving
- VCA We will send you a English, Spanish, Romanian or other language version of the safety training VCA, this is needed for almost all technical and construction job in Holland. Please be sure you read this. We need a report from you, before you buy a ticket, if you think you can pass this exam successfully. We have instructors who can help you pass this exam. - The exam is in your own language. CV We need a CV / resume of your career at school and working history like certificates so we can start introducing you to our companies where you can go to work. If you need help with this please let us know.

When you arrive in Holland we will pick you up and bring you to our office. After we have spoken and filled in the documents we take you to your house. Our free
transfer service is from Monday till Friday between 7.00 am until 7.00 pm. We do not provide any transfer service on Saturday and Sunday.
Transfer to Holland and back to your country is on your own costs. Please be sure that you have enough cash money for living until your first salary payment, this is
your own responsibility. Period between arriving and start working After arriving we have to do the documents; BSN, bank, contract, medical insurance,
VCA. We need to keep this period as short as possible for many reasons. In this period, it can happen we have other jobs. The estimated time between arriving and
working is 1 to maximum 2 weeks. It can happen that you come as a welder and the job can’t start immediately, if needed we have other jobs.

Social Security Number (BSN)
When you arrive in Holland we will make an appointment for you at the municipality. We do this for every non-resident that wants to work for our company. This social
security number is called in Dutch BurgerServiceNummer (BSN) and you need the BSN number to communicate with the authorities in our country. It takes 5 days to
receive this number at our company address in Harderwijk. Without this BSN number we cannot employ you, these are simply the rules for working in our country. It is impossible to generate a contract without BSN. We will help you receive an BSN number as soon as possible.

Bank Account
Salary payments are always done to a Dutch bank account number. The reason for this is that we cannot pay to a foreign bank and we also need a copy of the debit
card for our own administration. We will help you to open a Dutch bank account and it takes 5 working days before you receive the debit card. The next day you receive the pin code to activate the debit card for use. We advise you to open a bank account at the ING or SNS bank because we have good experience with the speed and service of these 2 banks. We will help you with this if you cannot do it at yourself.

Health Insurance
Every resident in The Netherlands that has the age of 18 years and older is obligated to have a basic health insurance. This basic health insurance does not cover dental
care and for some treatments and medicines there is a mandatory excess. The mandatory excess for 2018 is € 385,00. We recommend Holland Zorg, the cost is approx. € 113,00 every month, that is approximately € 21,00 every week. This insurance is also valid during your holidays in most foreign countries. As long as you have a contract with us and you work for us, we will write off € 21,00 each week directly from your salary. We need to make a copy of the health insurance card to send this to the employer and in case you need medical help off course. The original health insurance card will be given to you. For the health insurance we need you to signature an authorization form, these are the formalities of our company. If you need to visit a doctor we can help you to show the way, to translate and help you.

Housing is based on quality rules. This means that we have the rule of one person for one room. Each house has a maximum of 4 people, more common is 2 or 3
people in a chalet or house, excepted Zwanenburg. For rent of the house we calculate a minimum of € 35,- and a maximum of € 70,-. These costs depend on the
salary. You also have and cost for energy, water, internet, taxes and some other costs. This is calculated on the nota we receive afterwards and is on calculation afterwards. The fixed amount fort his is € 20 euro each week. Every year we receive notes and inform you directly. This bill is in your own hands, if you put the heater at 27 and
the windows open you will receive a large bill. If you use wisely it is a small bill. The houses have a washing machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner and more. The
houses are rented by us and must be clean and ready for inspection by the owner. It is very difficult to find a house and the costs are extremely high. We put Led lights
in all houses to keep the bill as low as possible, if you see a opportunity to reduce more cost we are happy to help you on this.

Compensation Expenses
To travel to your work, we have 2 kinds of transport. When you have to travel less than 10 kilometers from your house to work we have to provide you a bicycle.
For more information we refer you to the Dutch websites and When you have to travel more than 10 kilometers from your
house to work we can provide you a car. We pay for the insurance, for the road tax and the employee pays for the gasoline. (speeding and parking) Tickets are not payed by us, you have to pay your own fines! Rules bicycle - Maintenance of the bicycle is for account of the user - Missing, molest and theft is for account of the user
- The amount we charge for the bike is € 5,- each week. We do all we can to make sure that the travel distance between the house and the
working place is as close as possible. When the travel distance is less then 10 kilometer we will provide you with a Bicycle. This bicycle will be ours and you are responsible for maintenance and be sure the bicycle is not stolen. All costs for repairs are for the employee / you. Be sure that the light is working.

Rules car - The vehicle agreement has to be signed before we provide you the car
- We need to have a copy of your valid driver’s license
- Fuel is for account of the user(s)
- A delivery report will be drawn up at the time of issuing the car to you, this will happen again when you hand in the car by means of a prepared inspection report
- It is not allowed to use the vehicle for private rides in the evening and weekend
- It is not allowed to smoke in the car.
- Driving your own car Compensation for travel distance is € 0,19 per kilometer when you drive with your own car. All fines and penalties are payed by the user and driver of the car. If the driver is not alone in the car we suggest that you come to a financial solution together, we have no vote in this. Renting a car from us or a rental company. The rates are nonprofit. In this case we pay 9,5 cent / kilometer for the gas/gasoline/ diesel. The costs for the renting is deducted from your salary weekly. Renting means you can travel also private, on weekends and evenings. We don’t pay for the gas for these kilometers All traffic fines, speeding, parking etc. is on your own expenses, we don’t pay for
reckless driving off course.

Very important is off course; Payments
You work the first week, the next Monday we need the documents by you and the employer which prevents discussion the amount of hours that you have been
working. The following Friday we pay week 1. The Friday in week 3 you receive the payment of week 2 etc. Please be aware that weeks with holidays like Easter gives
delay in payment. Make sure you have enough money for living. Every hour you save “vakantiegeld”, this is a translation of holiday pay. We pay the holiday money once a year. If you work a whole year for us we pay you the holiday money in the month June. The holiday pay can also be done when you stop working for us, than it will take
maximum 8 weeks before you receive the paymant at your bankaccount.

We will provide you information about payments in and you will receive a personal username and password. This way you can see all pay slips and you have
control of the hours that you have worked are paid in the correct way. If you have any questions, please let us help and guide you in this. All questions are good,
continue asking until you understand very well.