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Every recruitment board claims to be the topmost job board, as well as recruitment experts. In a world of leaders, we like to think at us as the game changers. The recruitment industry requests a change in this hyper dynamic world of innovation, and our value proposition is to offer it. Be a part of the change alongside us.

At EuroJob, we are a team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in recruitment, phycology, IT&C and marketing, so you know you are in good hands.

Our mission statement is to help both parties- recruiters and jobseekers, to network on a platform that provides easy navigation and lightning fast communication. Our philosophy is that during the recruiting process, jobseekers rely on application feedback, while recruiters are keen on finding the right candidate, that will also be willing to start in due time. intermediates the needs and wants of both and through its platform, helps them accomplish their goals.

Eurojob Timeline

2004 – a incipient version of job board is released on the Romanian market, and is niched on blue collar professionals

2014 – a group of investors fund for full rebranding and for the development of a secure website architecture

2016 – just 2 years after the investment, we witness heavy signs of market penetration. sees its first confirmation of success, gathering thousands of on-platform jobs and an average application-to-job ratio of 5:1. Hundreds of companies trusted us with their business and we didn’t fail to rise up to the expectation.

2017 - job-board is launched

2018 – What does the future hold for the EuroJob family of companies? We are cooking two new websites focused on providing specific employment for IT&C as well as Medical professionals. Check out our bulletin board to find out more.

As a job seekers, why should you try

Topmost- you will be connected directly to the recruiter, with access to his professional phone number for resume submitting purpose. Send your personal info as well as your contact details, and wait for the call. Your next job may be just one phone call away.

Thousands of available positions await you. You can access jobs from UK and from all over Europe with just one click. You don't need to register or create an account. Just hit the apply button and upload your resume.

Why companies and recruiters should work with

If you are one of the recruiters that feel that the candidate pool is simply not well exploited, or if you feel that most job boards have a steep learning curve, then you should give a try. It is fact that in this time of age recruitment come on a first come first serve basis. This goes both ways. The first recruiter able to catch the attention of the right candidate wins the conversion.

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For more applicants choose our Premium plan option (link) and your employer branding benefits will skyrocket.

EuroJob is here for you!

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