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Armaflex Insulators Netherlands ~ €12 Net/h +House +Local Transport

Job Overview

  • Location: Groningen, Netherlands
  • Job Title: Armaflex Insulators Netherlands ~ €12 Net/h +House +Local Transport
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Rate: 12 € / Hour
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Contact: Dimitri +447765331265
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Team Unica

Armaflex Insulators Netherlands ~ €12 Net/h +House +Local Transport - If you have experience, send your contact data and we call you - Details +447765331265

So what are we looking for is professionals who can work with the insulation material called ARMAFLEX -this is black, soft material that they are using to keep the pipes cold.

This material is excisting in two types: the easier one is the one that comes in different sizes and the glue is already attached on it: they are putting this on mostly straight pipes and the candidate has to cut it at the end of the pipe. this is very easy, even I can do it.

So we are looking for candidates who can work with the material that comes in a big roll.
They have to cut different forms from the roll based on what needs to be insulated.
This is really hard because they have to see through geometrically if the cutting is going to fit on the corner, tank, airduct etc.
They also have to do the cutting sharp and they have to work fast. In this case they have to apply the glue that as also a special technic, because if they do it wrong the insulation will get open after a couple of days or they will leave their fingerprints all over the material (that is ugly, the client can see right away that is it made incorrectly)
So they have to work precisely and they should know what they are doing because this material is expensive, the client doesn't like if they waste it for trying.
The guy or girl has to be able to cut segments fort he corners, and-parts.

-Dutch contract
-Salary : €12 Net/H
-Free accommodation
-Locat transport provided
-Fly tickets - deducted from salary

- experience with Armaflex
- english language - one to a team
- driving license - one to a team